Founded by Odette Steele and based in the UK our company specialises in design, art, and education. With an emphasis on Fashion Concepts, Embroidery / Embellishment and Print / Surface Pattern Design, we bring expertise in various forms of fashion and textile design techniques.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultural influences and rooted in African heritage, our designs are characterised by vibrant patterns and colours, utilising mixed textile media and techniques to create luxurious, handcrafted collections and one-of-a-kind pieces.

We seek to uphold traditional artisanal craft techniques while integrating the principles of African philosophy, such as Ubuntu (the belief in a shared humanity and interconnectedness) and Ma'at (the concept of balance, harmony, and justice), into the company's ethos and practices, and prioritising inclusivity and accessibility in our design and collaborative processes. This approach nurtures a shift towards decolonized perspectives while also reconnecting with ancestral values.

At our core, we are passionate about perpetuating textile traditions while upholding social responsibility. Collaborating with educational institutions, social enterprises, and companies focused on artisanal craft and heritage preservation, we work with partners to move forward in our pursuits.

We aim to collaborate with national and international partners, fostering knowledge sharing, community building, as well as promoting environmental sustainability and wellbeing in the fashion textiles industry, looking to make a positive impact. 

By initiatives such as artist talks, collaborations, workshops, and teaching engagements, we champion preservation through craft education and use textiles as a medium for storytelling which reveal rich histories, symbolisms, and cultural significance. 

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